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Ten Things About the NBA: The Week Ten Edition

Phil has ten things about the NBA he wants YOU to know about

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Good thing I’m not a Scout

I still remember the first time I saw Giannis Antetokounmpo play basketball; I was still living in Greece and the Division 2 team he was playing for was in town to play the local Corfiot Division 2 team. I went because I was more interested in watching his brother Thanasis play.

What I saw was a skinny awkward kid who was obviously pretty good but in my opinion would never play in the NBA. Later that same year when the Milwaukee Bucks drafted him in the first round I laughed.

This past week Sports Illustrated featured him on their cover and this past Wednesday night that skinny awkward kid now more commonly referred to as “Greek Freak” did this to my beloved Knicks

Why I call him Uerkal

There’s no denying Russell Westbrook has talent; to do so would be just plain dumb. There was also a time when he was my favorite player in the NBA; but his peculiar antics in the media room coupled by the amount of technical fouls he gets soured me on him.

Two seasons ago I started referring to him as Uerkal after Family Matters Steve Uerkal. Westbrook was racking up technical fouls and was close to getting suspended. His pleas after the “T” reminded me of this

This past Wednesday the NBA rescinded two of Westbrook’s technical and later that evening he racked up another “T”; watch the video below and you may see a resemblance to Uerkal!

Tristan Thompson with the Hammer Screen

While everyone and their mother seems to be going on and on about a no look bounce pass by Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James to teammate Mike Dunleavy no one seems to be talking about the reason James was able to pull of this incredible feat; watch the “hammer” screen Thompson sets on a unsuspecting Elfrid Payton… that’s basketball!

How to stop the Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are 20-16 on the season and proving that last season wasn’t a fluke. Like most teams they have an Achilles heel; the Hornets are just 8-9 on the road this season and five of those losses came at the hands of teams over .500.

While the odds against the Hornets are in your favor if you are a home team with a .500 they rise dramatically if you can keep Hornets PG Kemba Walker and SF Nicolas Batum from each scoring 20 points or more as they are 6-0 this season when they do as they did this past Wednesday when the defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Trading Paul Millsap

The Paul Millsap trade rumors are flying around at warp speed. Our own Kris Willis told us about two possible trades involving Millsap almost happened last season so it seems completely feasible for Millsap to get traded before the deadline.

I had a Twidiot tell me the other day that she would have made “huge” money betting that former Hawks Al Horford and Jeff Teague wouldn’t be on the club this season. That person could have been pretending to have insight I dunno but one thing is sure; if the Hawks have no interest in bringing Millsap back next season then President Mike Budenholzer better at least get something for Millsap otherwise he will have allowed not one but two elite NBA players to leave while under his watch as President of Basketball Operations without receiving one thin dime in compensation.

He doesn’t play defense but

Portland Trail Blazers SG C.J. McCollum has the worst defensive box plus minus of his short NBA career but as long as he continues making moves like this the fans in Portland will be happy with him!

This Kid can play Defense

If the Paul Millsap is traded to the Raptors rumor comes true than hopefully Raptors SG Norman Powell is part of the package. If so you could be seeing this in a Hawks uniform in the not so distant future.

Holy Re-Inventing Oneself

When Memphis Grizzlies SF Vince Carter came into the league he was known primarily for his massive dunks earning him the nickname “Air Canada”. He also won the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Knee injuries and aging have turned Carter into this new reinvented version that is making Grizzlies fans leave their seats!

The 50 Point Game Record

Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for most 50 point games with 118. Michael Jordan is the runner-up with 31 so where do today’s active players measure up?

LeBron James 10

Stephen Curry 5

Carmelo Anthony 4

Kevin Durant 4

James Harden 4

Jamal Crawford 3

Dwyane Wade 3

*Several are tied with two 50 point games

I think Wilt’s record is going to be safe for a long time…..unless of course Tim Hardaway Jr lives up to some Hawks fans expectations!

Making the Call

Being a former referee and understanding how tough the job is I usually don’t criticize or blame referees when they blow a call. The NBA has a great video series called “Making the Call” hosted by Joe Borgia. It’s a great way to learn about the rules of the game and how difficult the referee’s job is.