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An easy 2 step method for cleaning your kicks

Jordan Eclipse Shoe Cleaning

There are about a thousand different ways to clean sneakers. Half of which are way too scary to try, some solutions cost way too much money (i.e. Jason Markk Cleaning Kit), and other ideas only sort of get the job done.

Over the years I have tried many different ways to clean my kicks, and most of them have worked okay. However, recently I’ve discovered what I think is the best 2 step process for casual shoe cleaning using essentially only household items.

The first step is to brush. I use toothpaste for the white parts of the shoe. Widow cleaner if it has a patent or plastic finish, and soapy water for everything else. If part of the shoe doesn’t need to be cleaned - I don’t brush or clean it. Simple as that.

The second step requires Vaseline or a similar petroleum-based lotion. Apply the Vaseline to to problem areas - everything the brushing didn’t get off. Use cotton swabs to work out stains and scuffs. At first this will seem like it isn’t working, but the longer you work at it the better your shoes will look.

Every time I’ve cleaned shoes with this 2 step process it has worked. It hasn’t damaged any of my sneakers and once clean, people often ask if my shoes are new. If you are really worried about cleaning a pair of your kicks with these 2 steps, buy a fancy cleaning kit or take them into a professional.