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Mike Dunleavy Jr. denies report that he was seeking a buyout

Dunleavy refutes report that he was seeking a buyout.

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For a moment it looked like Mike Dunleavy Jr. might not ever put on an Atlanta Hawks uniform. However, Dunleavy denied reports on Thursday that he was ever seeking a buyout from the Hawks before reporting to Atlanta.

Dunleavy took part in Thursday’s full practice with the Hawks and told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Chris Vivlamore that he simply needed some time after the trade was completed.

“I think when you get traded, especially someone like myself with three kids, a wife, a family, a lot of stuff going on, it takes some time to get things turned around and get down here,” said Dunleavy after going through his first practice with the Hawks Thursday. “I’m allowed a certain amount of time to do that, which I did. I got here in plenty of time of the 72 hours. All things stop when you get traded. You have to make sure your family is good. Obviously there were reports with the three-team trade and getting moved on. You have to make sure you are going to be kept before you come. That’s kind of what happened. I’m here now and ready to get rolling.”

Dunleavy was quick to point out that he arrived before the 72 hour deadline was up. The Hawks and the Cavaliers were reportedly looking for a third team at one point to offload Dunleavy but were unable to find a willing partner.

Reports suggested that Dunleavy was seeking a buyout so that he could seek opportunities elsewhere. He also indicated that he had spoken with Mike Budenholzer several times throughout the process.

Dunleavy signed with the Cavaliers last summer and appeared in 23 games averaging 4.6 points before being traded to Atlanta.