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Dwight Howard says he can win an MMA fight against LeBron James

That would be fun to watch.

Dwight Howard has been at plenty of wrestling and MMA events this summer. He was at UFC 200 back in July, Monday Night Raw back on August 1, UFC 201 at Philips Arena, and of course most recently, UFC 202 in Vegas.

At UFC 202, TMZ caught up with Howard, and got his opinion on some things, including if he would be able to win in the octagon against LeBron James.

Howard picked himself, but added, “Obviously I have to go with myself.”

There’s no denying that Howard is one of the stronger players in the league, but there’s a whole lot more to mixed martial arts than just being strong. James is much more limber and quick than Howard, but surely Howard has picked up a thing or two from being such a big fan of UFC.

There’s no doubt that Hawks fans have a list of other players they would like to see Howard go after in the octagon before James. But we’ll leave that to your imagination.