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Hawks Roundtable: Who will be the backup point guard?

Our roundtable discussion continues with a look at the Hawks' backup point guard position

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We continue our offseason roundtable discussion with a look at the back up point guard position. Who will end up being the backup behind Dennis Schroder? If you missed any of the earlier parts of our roundtable discussion, you can find them all here.

Who will be the backup point guard?

(Kris Willis) If the Hawks have hopes of remaining in the top half of the Eastern Conference, then it better be Malcolm Delaney. While Jarrett Jack may get the hometown sympathy card, he is 33 and coming off of an ACL injury. He hasn’t posted a positive net rating in any of the last three seasons. Additionally he is a shoot first point guard that has a low shooting percentage and that isn't really a fit for how Atlanta likes to play on offense. Delaney could be one of the best under the radar signings of the season. Jack’s injury should allow him an early opportunity and the Hawks will be best served if he can hold onto the job.

(Brad Rowland): I’m rolling with Malcolm Delaney. There is, of course, some level of uncertainty with a player that has never set foot on an NBA floor, but I really enjoy his game. Delaney is a plus-shooter at the PG position who also competes well defensively, and the statistical translations project him to be an above-average backup immediately. Combine that with the fact that Jarrett Jack’s play has slipped recently to go along with concerns about rehabilitation from an ACL tear, and I’ll take Delaney to win the job.

(Harry Lyles): If Jarrett Jack is healthy, I think it’s his job. I’m interested at the potential of Delaney, but surely Bud will like to use Jack as a mentor to Schroder. But once again, the health of Jack is going to be key here. The safe bet might be Delaney until we know more.

(Chris Herbert): Initially, Malcolm Delaney will take have the job while Jarrett Jack recovers from his January ACL surgery. Once healthy, I think Bud will make Jack the backup. Bud values leadership and veterans, especially with a young point guard like Dennis. With Delaney never playing in the NBA before, I believe Bud will lean on Jack as an “old head” to advise Dennis. You do not sign an almost 33 year old point guard off an ACL tear to ride the bench.

(Thomas Jenkins): Malcolm Delaney, although I don’t feel terribly confident about this prediction. Jack has the experience, but Delaney has a higher ceiling and can provide much-needed shooting to this squad. Ultimately, a lot of this will probably boil down to how each of these two players perform during the year. While you could probably make a strong case that either will fill the most minutes when Schroder is on the bench, I think Delaney makes more sense than Jack.

(Preston Mott): A lot is going to ride on Jarrett Jack's knee. Assuming he is 100% healthy by opening night I think Bud goes with Jack as the backup.