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Dwight Howard is working on improving his free throws this offseason

This should be a welcome sight, Hawks fans!

Dwight Howard had a career-worst season this past year at the free throw line, shooting just 48.9 percent. The Hack-A strategy utilized by NBA teams is one that pains many fans to watch, and often times Howard, along with a handful of other NBA players are typically on the receiving end of that.

But Howard is getting a fresh start here in Atlanta, a place he calls home, and we're seeing early that he's making it a point this offseason to really overcome his woes at the free throw line, as Twitter user @LethalShooter__ posted on Sunday.

The two appeared to be at Georgia Tech's facilities:

The Hawks' new center took to his own Instagram to show his offseason work as well:

Howard seems inspired to really make a change this offseason, as he indicated in his Instagram caption:

They say you can't do this. You can't do that. I say. You can do all thing through Christ. One thing I will tell all you. Don't allow negativity to creep into your ear gates. It did affect me with my confidence. So I'm telling you allow only positive thoughts and positive people in your circle. Yea alot of people gonna hate on these post. But for the ones who wanna be successful in life. Believe in urself. Trust the process. Trust God. And stay locked in.

Hopefully Howard can get this right, as it would make him much more valuable to the Hawks moving forward.