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Dennis Schröder wears a wig and goggles during 3-on-3 tournament

I mean, why not?

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During an offseason in which Dennis Schröder has become the presumptive starting point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, the 22-year-old is having fun back in his home country of Germany.

Schröder played in the ShutUpAndPlay 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Berlin this past weekend. While that sounds pretty normal, it didn’t come without a twist by Schröder himself.

He showed up to the event wearing goggles and a huge wig, playing with the disguise on.

Just look at how great this is:

Schröder would eventually take the disguise off, and when he did, he destroyed a defender at the rim, channeling his inner Paul Millsap with a thunderous slam dunk:

Hopefully Schröder is able to keep that bounce going into next season. He’s going to need all the energy he’s got with the new workload he’s about to take on next season.

It’s good to see Schröder enjoying his time off, and we can’t wait until next season.