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Dwight Howard used to sing Beyoncé songs on the free throw line to calm down

I mean, that’s not a terrible tactic, right?

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This offseason has been a busy one for Dwight Howard. He signed with the Atlanta Hawks in free agency, leaving behind a Houston Rockets team that had a rough 2015-16 season. He’s also going to be a beneficiary of the new rules placed by the NBA changing deliberate away-from-the-play foul rules.

With all the new things that have come from his offseason, there’s something old that ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh has unveiled. Howard had a habit at the free throw line early in his career to keep his mind off of things.

Sing Beyoncé songs:

In Orlando early in his career, Howard said he hired a personal sports psychologist who used to work with Tiger Woods. He has also tried singing songs in his head to keep his mind off the task.

” ‘I used to sing Beyoncé songs, that was my thing,’ Howard said. ‘I told her about it when I saw her. I said, ‘When I sing your song, I make my free throws.’ She seemed to like that.”

Some specifics on particular songs would be great. There are tons of Beyoncé hits, and surely as you’re reading this, you’ve already got a few of them in your mind that you might sing in your head.