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Al Horford reportedly not happy with Dwight Howard signing

Reports suggest that Al Horford was not happy with the Hawks’ addition of Dwight Howard.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks moved quickly and secured an agreement with Dwight Howard on Monday. While the move has been received positively for the most part, one of the team’s pending free agents might not have been thrilled with the move.

WSB’s Zach Klein reports that Al Horford was not happy about the Howard signing and that may impact his decision to leave.

If Horford really isn’t happy with the pairing, then the likelihood of him returning to Atlanta is nil. It seems surprising that Atlanta would have approached Howard without talking to Horford first but may have had their own agenda that they wanted to pursue.

While reports have suggested that the Hawks have not yet closed the door on a possible Horford return, this report makes it seem very unlikely.