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Locked on Hawks Podcast: Discussing Al Horford with Locked on Celtics

Today's Locked on Hawks podcast will be an uncomfortable one for many Hawks fans.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Locked on Hawks podcast will not, in fact, be a "one hit wonder".

Episode 1 of the new show on the Locked On Podcast Network appeared on Thursday, and today, we follow that up in grand style. Today's episode features a crossover show with the Locked on Celtics podcast, as host Jay King conducts things with Brad Rowland. In the episode, the central topic is the work of old friend Al Horford.

Horford's move to the Boston Celtics has caused a great stir in Atlanta, and even with Horford walking back some of the negative rumblings about the fan base, there are some hurt feelings around the city. This podcast dives a bit into that, as well as reflecting on his nine-year stint with the Hawks and how Horford will fit in with the Celtics under Brad Stevens.

For good measure, the podcast evaluates Atlanta's off-season as a whole, including the overall confusion of the proceedings.

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