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Jeff Teague suffered partial tear, will avoid surgery, per report

More details on Jeff Teague's injury have emerged.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Teague took to Instagram to report personal injury news on Thursday, and shortly after his revelation, further details emerged. Teague described his injury as a "tear in my patella" in his initial post, but Mike Mazzeo of ESPN reports that Teague suffered a partial tear of his patellar tendon.

News that Teague will be back on the basketball court soon is highly encouraging, as is the fact that he was able to avoid surgery. Whether the Hawks intend to deal Teague this off-season remains unclear, but regardless, his value to the team (by trade or by on-court play) will be higher if fully healthy by the start of training camp in the fall.

In his exit interview with the media last month, Teague did mention lower leg issues, but specifics have been hard to come by. It will be interesting to see if the Hawks will address this injury report publicly and, even more so, whether it will affect their overall offseason trajectory. Stay tuned.