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Kent Bazemore could be free agent target for New Orleans Pelicans, per report

With Danny Ferry in New Orleans, Kent Bazemore could have a major suitor.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Word of Danny Ferry's next job with the New Orleans Pelicans only recently came to light, but there are already potential ramifications for the Atlanta Hawks. Free agent swingman Kent Bazemore is set to hit the open market on July 1, and one report indicates that the Pelicans could become a suitor for his services.

Bazemore, who just completed a two-year contract at $2 million per season, is expected to command a deal that will pay him eight figures annually. Without diving terribly deep into the salary cap details (broken down here), the Hawks face a difficult decision on the talented wing in that they must fit Bazemore into salary cap space unless he agrees to sign for ~$6 million per season, which appears exceedingly unlikely.

As such, the Pelicans would join what will likely be a long list of teams pursuing Bazemore's services. During his breakout year in 2015-2016, the soon-to-be 27-year-old converted 36% of his three-point attempts while playing above-average defense, and in a league that greatly values "3-and-D" wings, his value is sky high.

New Orleans won't be the only team coming after Bazemore in the near future, but the bidding war is coming and the Pelicans could be a part of it.