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NBA Mock Draft 2016: Wade Baldwin lands with Atlanta Hawks at No. 12 released its final mock draft and the Hawks add a talented point guard at 12.

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to potential targets with the number 12 pick, the overwhelming majority of rumored players hail from the frontcourt. However, there are a few interesting names on the perimeter that the Atlanta Hawks could consider, and one of them is Vanderbilt point guard Wade Baldwin.

Scott Howard-Cooper of projects Baldwin to land in Atlanta with that 12th overall selection, and he had this to say for context.

There is a belief Atlanta acquired this pick from Utah as part of that trade so it can package it with No. 21 and either score a veteran to help now or to move into the top half of the lottery. If that doesn't happen, Baldwin is a logical move to replace Jeff Teague at point guard (who is headed to the Pacers in the three-team deal). Baldwin is a fiery, emotional leader who tries to take control, even as a freshman.

The caveat that Atlanta could be looking to move this pick at this point is an important one, but the point stands that the Hawks could use talent at the point guard position. Personally, this doesn't appear to be a dire need at this draft slot considering the presence of a young, talented player in Dennis Schröder, but if the Hawks are enamored with Baldwin's considerable talent, it could make some sense.

At 6-foot-4 (with a 6-foot-11 wingspan), Baldwin may be more of a combo guard long-term, but he has a nice shooting stroke and could potentially play alongside Schröder at times in the future. There would be some risk involved in that the off-court reports are not terribly strong for Baldwin coming out of Vanderbilt, but as noted above, the perimeter options are limited in this range and he is the second-best point guard prospect in this class behind Kris Dunn.

There may be a dozen (or more) players that the Atlanta Hawks are currently weighing with their two first-round selections, but if they pass on Baldwin at No. 12, he won't be there at No. 21. Stay tuned.