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Hawks earn B- from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton for Jeff Teague trade

Was the Jeff Teague trade a good move for the Atlanta Hawks?

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks made the first big move of the offseason on Wednesday when they sent Jeff Teague to the Indiana Pacers in a three-team trade that netted them the No. 12 pick in the Thursday’s draft from the Utah Jazz.

While Teague has been an important part of the Hawks success for several seasons, there is a lot to like about the move. For one, it gives the team further financial flexibility for this summer’s free agent bonanza and gives them a lottery pick to either use or package in another deal.’s Kevin Pelton took a closer look at the deal for each team involved and gives the Hawks a B- grade.

So the Hawks were almost inevitably going to choose one of the two point guards as their starter going forward and trade the other. From a value standpoint, getting four years of a late lottery pick (the 12th pick) on a rookie contract for one year of Teague is a solid move.

I project the No. 12 pick as worth about $14 million in production above his salary. That's more than the difference in going from Teague with Schroder as a backup to Schroder with a backup; Atlanta can sign with the additional cap space this deal created (a little less than $6 million) -- in other words, the trade makes sense from that perspective.

While there may have been unreal expectations about what Teague could return in a trade, getting the 12th pick and financial flexibility seems like a solid move. Pelton gives the Pacers a C grade and questions whether or not Teague is an upgrade over George Hill who went to Utah in the deal.

Because of the whole range of skills, ESPN's real plus-minus sees this as a downgrade for the Pacers. Hill has consistently rated above average, while Teague was slightly worse than average last season.

On the positive side, Teague is two years younger than Hill. There's some concern about how Teague will fare once his vaunted quickness starts to wane, but his improvement as an outside shooter gives him a chance to remain valuable into his early 30s. That's the timetable covered by a possible renegotiation and extension that could keep Teague in Indiana beyond the final season of his current contract.

What grade would you give the Hawks for the Jeff Teague trade?