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NBA Mock Draft 2016: Taurean Prince projected to Atlanta Hawks by joins the party in projecting Taurean Prince to Atlanta.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor forward Taurean Prince was prominently featured in our breakdown of five ideal targets for the Atlanta Hawks in the 2016 NBA Draft, and there are many pundits who align with that way of thinking. Among those writers is Scott Howard-Cooper of, who released his 3.0 mock draft on Tuesday with Prince landing in Atlanta with the number 21 overall pick.

The same player who began high school at a 5-9 guard and left as a 6-7 center has made similar strides in college, even if not on the growth chart. Prince left Baylor as one of the top seniors in the nation and a 3D prospect on the wing -- three-pointers and defense, although he did drop from 39.5 percent behind the arc in 2014-15 to 36.1 last season.

The note about Prince's development from a high school guard to a prominent college big man is quite interesting, especially when it comes to his potential to guard power forwards in the NBA. Much of the 6-foot-8 forward's value comes from defensive versatility, and if he is able to continue his physical maturity in the strength department, Prince should be able to hold up against opposing power forwards at the next level.

When it comes to true "3-and-D" prospects in Atlanta's range, Prince is the best of the bunch and while his ceiling isn't particularly high, the Hawks may be looking for safety and a readiness to play in an NBA game sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.