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NBA Salary Cap going up more than expected, per report

The NBA Salary Cap is already set for an unprecedented jump and may come in even higher than was first expected.

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NBA: Playoffs-Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Salary Cap and Luxury Tax line are already set for an unprecedented jump but the final number will be even higher than first expected according to a report by’s Jeff Zillgitt. According to a memo sent to teams by the league, the salary cap will come in at $94 million while the luxury tax line will settle at $113 million.

The cap will be at an all-time high $94 million and the luxury tax $113 million for next season, according to a memo sent to team executives. That’s slightly up from $92 million and $111 million the NBA projected in a memo to team executives on April 15.

While the increase isn’t a substantial increase, it will give teams a bit more wiggle room in rounding out their rosters. The Atlanta Hawks have a couple of interesting decisions to make in free agency with Al Horford and Kent Bazemore both hitting the open market.

The Hawks are in good position with Horford as they own his full bird rights and can go above the cap to re-sign him. They also can offer him a longer and more lucrative deal than any other team if they choose to. Atlanta only has partial bird rights with Bazemore and will have to use cap space to offer him a deal at market value. That is where the cap being higher than expected could have a slight impact.