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Jeff Teague gets a flagrant 1 foul called on him after pushing LeBron James out of bounds

Frustration set in, and Teague let James have it.

The Atlanta Hawks looked to be in good shape for much of Game 3 in their Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After playing a good first half, the Cavaliers were able to slightly narrow the gap after the third quarter, and in the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers outscored the Hawks 36-17. They ultimately came away with a 121-108 win.

Frustration began to sit in with the Hawks late in the fourth quarter, and after Jeff Teague felt that he didn't receive a call after getting contact on a layup on the other end of the floor, he hit LeBron James with a shove that sent him out of bounds, and into the stands.

James would be alright, as well as the fans involved, and Teague received a flagrant 1 for the foul.

The league hasn't been shy in handing out fines and assessing worse penalties for hard fouls this postseason, so don't be surprised if you hear of a fine placed on Teague by the league in the coming days.