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Atlanta Hawks announce plans to build world-class sports medicine center and training facility

The Hawks partner up with Emory Healthcare to build a sports medicine center in Brookhaven.

The Atlanta Hawks announced today alongside Emory Healthcare plans to build a training and sports medicine center on Executive Park Drive in Brookhaven. The facility will serve as the team's official practice site, as well as the site for basketball operations. The project is expected to start this summer, and will have an estimated cost of $50 million, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Chris Vivlamore.

Along with the naming rights, Emory will officially become the official sports medicine provider of the team. The facility will be the first in the NBA to be co-located with an entire sports medicine center. This will provide immediate and expert treatment on-site to state of the art equipment for players.

"When we became owners, one of our top priorities was to provide the resources necessary to build a world-class training facility—a key element of being a first-class franchise that consistently competes at the highest level," Hawks Principal Owner Tony Ressler said in a statement by the Hawks. "We are thrilled with the partnership that Steve and Bud have forged with Dr. Boden and the Emory team in developing a new facility that will be at the forefront of how professional teams approach integrating sports medical technology in their training centers."

"It is a privilege to be partnering with a local institution that is a world leader in the medical field and that also shares our vision and passion for excellence," Ressler added. "In addition, we are proud that this facility will go beyond benefitting just our players, but will also be a valuable sports medicine resource available to the entire community."

CEO Steve Koonin reiterated the idea that the new facility shows that the new ownership group has its priorities in line, and are doing what they can to improve the franchise in every way. "We are fortunate to have found a perfect partner in Emory. Its outstanding reputation, commitment to providing unparalleled healthcare and dedication to being innovative in its practice fits the ideals of our brand," Koonin said. "The development of this facility is another example of how Tony Ressler, Grant Hill and our ownership team have very quickly begun to implement their vision and provide the resources necessary to make our organization an industry leader."

Scott D. Boden, MD, Director of The Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center and Chief Medical Officer of The Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital said, "The addition of P3, the world renowned leader in peak performance enhancement, will make our facility and the city of Atlanta a destination for the most elite of athletes."

P3 specializes in quantifying athletic performance and developing precisely tailored training programs for elite athletes that boost individual performance and enhance career productivity. It's essentially the world leader in applied sports science. It has benefitted many athletes in the past, including Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver, and the new Hawks facility will be the first time that P3 has expanded to a new location outside of Santa Barbara.

The facility certainly seems like it would be appealing to any player. The Brookhaven area is a great area, as well as the practice facility being home to some of the best medical attention you could possibly get. The new ownership group made it clear when they first arrived that they wanted to do everything in their power to better the franchise, and this is certainly a step in the right direction.