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Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas strikes Dennis Schröder in the head

The call was missed by the officials.

During the Atlanta Hawks Game 3 duel with the Boston Celtics on Friday night, things began to get a bit chippy between the two teams. The Celtics got off to a hot start, and the crowd was extremely rowdy, helping pump up the Celtics throughout the first quarter.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Schröder drove down the lane, and put in a layup. As Schröder was running back down the floor to defend, Thomas appeared to be holding his left hand up, pointing, and waited as Schröder got closer to ultimately strike him in the head.

Thomas was not assessed a foul on the play. On the next possession, Schröder hip-checked Thomas, resulting in Thomas falling to the floor, and tempers flaring. Both players were given technical fouls as a result of the incident. Thomas was benched shortly after, and things settled down.

While he was not given a flagrant foul or technical foul on the play, Thomas is sure to hear from the league tomorrow, as Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were given a flagrant 1 and a technical foul, respectively Friday afternoon.