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NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Lucky 7's to end the Year

Let's take a look at where the Hawks rank in this weeks power rankings roundup.

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawks seem to be ready for the playoffs and are fighting for home court advantage for the first round and the third seed. Atlanta had a couple big wins this week and look to finish the season strong. So let's get to the last power rankings roundup of the regular season.

First up John Schuhmann of puts the Hawks at No. 7.

In February, the Hawks reportedly entertained (but ultimately passed on) the idea of trading Jeff Teague. On the surface, Teague's numbers since then aren't much different than they were before. But the Hawks' 17-5 run since late February has been built on his minutes at the point, especially in the fourth quarter. They're a plus-22.2 per 100 possessions in the fourth over that run and now rank as the league's best fourth-quarter team.

Marc Stein of also puts the Hawks at No. 7 for the rankings.

It's a steep fall from 60 wins, true, but 50 is still possible for the Hawks if they win out, with Atlanta controlling its own destiny in the ongoing chase for the East's No. 3 seed. On his way to the All-NBA team, meanwhile, Paul Millsap just became the first player to record at least 15 boards, 5 blocks and 5 triples in a game since the inception of the 3-point line in 1979-80 in Saturday night's big home win over Boston.

Jeremy Woo of keeps it going with also puts the Hawks at No. 7.

There’s stability here. After mulling breaking up the band at the deadline, Atlanta turned into the East’s best post-break team. The Hawks went 17–8 with a +7.3 net rating and a league best 96.2 defensive rating and look bound for the third seed. That said, the conference finals are a taller task this time around.

Matt Moore of puts Atlanta at No. 5 mentioning how great the Hawks look right now.

I cannot stress enough how well this team is playing right now, especially defensively. This is Paul Millsap's absolute prime. Please take a few playoff games and appreciate how good Millsap and the Hawks are. also puts Atlanta at No. 7 for this weeks ranking.

They are second in the NBA at 25.7 assists a game, including 18 30-assist contests.

Finally, Kurt Helin of puts the Hawks at.....yes you guessed it No. 7.

If you’re going to pick the team playing the best basketball in the East over the past month to challenge Cleveland, then you will pick Atlanta. This is a very good defensive team (second best in the East) with some offensive firepower built around Jeff Teague’s steady play. But they have not impressed against the top tier in the regular season.

That does it for this weeks ranking.  The Hawks seem to have hit the jackpot with all of the 7's that they have received. Let's hope that this is some sort of sign for the upcoming playoffs especially considering with how well they have looked to end the season.  As always leave your thoughts below.