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Hawks win 107-97

Hawks start a new winning streak with a win on the road.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawks ended their time in Los Angeles with a win on a back to back over the Clippers.

The Clippers started off red hot scoring 37 points in the first quarter and shooting an impressive .500 from behind the arc.

The Hawks did however manage to close the gap significantly by at the half and even managed to take the lead in the third quarter. In fact, Atlanta miracously managed to get a 1 point lead after such a slow start.

Paul Millsap continued his strong play of the season with with a season high of 18 rebounds. Jeff Teague looked like the All Star that he was last season and looked to prove the he was the better Wake Forest guard.

Dennis Schröder continued his strong streak of play and showed us fans how dangerous this team can be when both of the point guards are playing at a very high level.

More to come but this is a very encouraging sign for the team and the fans.