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Atlanta Hawks' Dennis Schröder locked himself out of his gold Audi

That's a sweet ride.

Dennis Schröder has flash out on the basketball court, but it doesn't match that of the gold Audi R8 that he allegedly locked himself out of on Thursday.

Schröder posted a photo of himself sitting on a curb, on his phone, while waiting for somebody to bring his second key. Although, it totally seems like such an opportune time to find an excuse to post that sweet ride on Twitter. Either way, you can't blame the guy, look at that thing!

I guess if you're going to get locked out of your car, it helps that it looks that nice. It's also a nice touch that it matches the blonde streak, and No. 17 in the back of his head.

The 2017 R8 coupe starts at $162,900, but it certainly appears that the "Dennis Schröder" edition might have cost him more than that. It looks worth it for sure.