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Not Your Average Review: NIKE KD8 ELITE

The shoe with an attached compression sock - NIKE KD8 ELITE.

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Nike recently revealed Kevin Durant's latest sneaker, the KD8 Elite.  A white colorway is set for retail on April 14th, with additional colorways releasing in May.  These new kicks feature an attached compression sock meant to bend the current rules of tights, socks, and shoes.


These sneakers are built for performance.  They have full length Zoom Air Cushioning for extra responsiveness.  The silhouette of this shoe gives players a low cut feel, but still adds extra support to the ankle.  Another cool feature in this sneaker is Kevlar aramid fiber.  If you're wondering what Kevlar is, it is basically a super strong fiber used in things such as aircrafts and military body armor.


On court, these shoes are sleek and fresh.  Off court, well not too much.  If you're dying to wear Durant's gear casually, go with the normal KD8's.  They will go better with your jeans or any casual outfit.

Kevin Durant 8

NIKE KD8 (Photo by Matthew Emmons - USA TODAY Sports)

Overall Opinion

Okay.  Let's be real.  The Nike KD8 Elite is just the KD8 with a built in sock.  I don't doubt that the Nike team knows what they're doing, but I don't want to wear the same socks every game.