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Mike Scott interrupts Paul Millsap's postgame interview to find Jeff Teague

We can't have him missing the bus again!

In case you hadn't heard, the Hawks forgot Jeff Teague this past Saturday when they played in Detroit. Teague was on the phone with his sister, and in his own words was talking to her too long. This resulted in the team forgetting Jeff as they departed from The Palace on the team bus.

The team of course came back for Jeff. He really must have taken it to heart tonight, as he went off for 26 points, seemingly playing out of his find for the second quarter of play.

This led to Mike Scott channelling his inner-Kent Bazemore, interrupting Paul Millsap's interview. While it wasn't a Baze Gaze, Scott came into the camera shot, asking if Millsap had seen Jeff Teague. Scott looks behind Millsap and yells for Teague.

Along with being one of the better playing teams in the league at the moment, the Hawks are one of the more fun teams as well, and it's fun for everybody involved.