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Paul Millsap is the latest victim of the 'Baze Gaze'

The anchor is not safe from the Baze Gaze

Paul Millsap came up with yet another double-double for the Hawks against the Chicago Bulls. Millsap brought in 11 points, and 11 rebounds and really helped the Hawks hold onto their lead at the end of the game. He also came up with a huge block underneath the basket at the end.

So of course the folks at FOX Sports Southeast wanted to speak to Paul, and it resulted in him becoming the latest victim of the Baze Gaze, with Kent Bazemore videobombing his interview, with Dennis Schröder once again tagging along.

The Hawks continue to roll, and perhaps it has something to do with the Baze Gaze. It certainly isn't hurting the Hawks, who have now won nine of their past 10 games, as they look to make a strong push to finish the season, and into the playoffs.