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Jeff Teague missed the Atlanta Hawks team bus because he was talking to his sister

I'd say this is a good reason.

A photo that circulated on Reddit and found its way into the news showed Jeff Teague on the phone and holding a pizza outside of The Palace after the Hawks played the Detroit Pistons. The team had forgotten Teague, and left the arena without him.

Teague told Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was talking to his sister. "I was out there talking to her too long," Teague told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The bus did return to pick up Teague, where they then flew to Chicago.

"They'll never forget me again," Teague said. "Hopefully, I'll get a better pizza." For the record, Teague had a Little Cesars pizza. Although he didn't give us an explanation as to why he was holding his pizza sideways.

Coach Budenholzer told Vivlamore it happens at times. "I guess on rare, rare occasions sometimes you could actually leave without your entire group," Budenholzer said.