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NBA Apparel: Eight Elite Clothing Tips

Eight tips to improve your spring clothing choices.

Paul Millsap (4) going in for a layup against the Utah Jazz
Paul Millsap (4) going in for a layup against the Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's March and madness is around the corner.  Below are eight tips to make sure your outfit is elite for any spring occasion.

1. Match Colors

Colors must always match.  By match, I mean limit yourself to three colors; your body isn't a carnival ride. Does this mean wear four different shades of green? Well, maybe if you are trying to become a leprechaun. But, the leprechaun fad died with the reign of the Celtics.

2. Match Brands

Brand matching is making sure that all of your apparel belongs to the same brand. Don't wear multiple brands, an exception to this rule is Nike and Jordan.  This is because they have a mother-daughter relationship. However, if you wear Nike and Jordan, do not mix player lines. For example, Kobe shoes and CP3 shorts: "I have no preference, but really like Los Angeles".

3. Accessories & Socks are part of your outfit

Just remember that matching (colors and brands) includes your socks and accessories.

4. Socks and Sandals

Socks and Sandals are okay if you are over the age of 50.  This is because wearing socks helps with their circulation while the sandals still allow their feet to breathe.  If you are younger than 50 and want to wear socks and sandals, replace the sandals with slides to look less nerdy.

5. Your Age Matters

How old are you?  This is a question you must ask yourself.  I recently saw a 40 year old wearing a snapback with the stickers still attached.  Don't do this if your 45.  Stickers are for children, and that's why high school boys leave them on their hats.

6. White Socks

White socks should be white.  If you're wondering what color white is, it is the color of fresh snow.  White is not the color of your latte. If your white socks are on the scale between fresh snow and latte they should be thrown in the trash.

7. Sweatpants vs. Sweatshirts

Wearing sweatpants says one of two things; "I'm really cold" or "Netflix is my life".  It's spring, ditch the sweatpants and try to get a tan.  However, sweatshirts are purely for warmth and are okay during any season.

8. "Stop wearing jean shorts."

Don't wear jean shorts.  They have never been cool, never will be cool, and if you own a pair you might as well turn them into a quilt.  If you don't believe me, trust Blake.