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2016 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford projects 7-2 Center Jonathan Jeanne to the Atlanta Hawks

Chad Ford projects a high upside center to the Atlanta Hawks in his latest mock draft offering.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Chad Ford released his latest mock draft early Tuesday morning and while this is often a futile exercise with this much time before the draft, it is a good indication of some of the names that will be in play.

Ford projects the Hawks to have the 21st pick and sees them going overseas to draft another project big man in 7-2 center Jonathan Jeanne from France.

Jeanne is another major upside play. He's not ready yet -- both painfully thin and lacking experience playing at the highest level. But his freakish size (7-foot-3 with a 7-foot-7 wingspan), agility and skill set make him too good to pass up once you start getting out of the lottery.

Atlanta just spent a second round pick on a similar type of player in Walter Tavares, but as Ford mentions, the talent pool begins to drop off pretty drastically outside of the lottery. Jeanne would be a high upside pick. DraftExpress has several scouting videos of Jeanne and here is a look at his strengths and weaknesses.