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Al Horford put Solomon Hill on a poster and the internet loved it

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The Hawks won on Friday night and this was the play of the evening.

The Atlanta Hawks held off the Indiana Pacers for a nice win on Friday evening. That is, of course, always a positive thing, but in the aftermath of a victory over a potential playoff team, one particular play was getting the lion's share of the attention.

It involved Al Horford, Solomon Hill and a poster.


Horford was the best player on the court on Friday, finishing with 21 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists for the Hawks, but this play will live on beyond the scope of this particular game. It wasn't the best night for Hill, who finished 1 of 7 from the floor with only four points and a -13, but he definitely paid the price for jumping in this particular instance.

The Hawks and, particularly, Al Horford aren't exactly known for highlight reel plays, but this one qualified in a big way.