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NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Hawks Fall From Top 10

Atlanta's recent struggles on the court have them sliding across the board in this week's power rankings roundup.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Before I start, let's just say that the Hawks haven't had the greatest of weeks. They have been on a bit of a losing streak and the trade rumors are really not helping at all. So let's get started with this weeks ranking.

John Schuhmann of starts things off for us with putting the Hawks at No. 13

The Hawks have lost five of their last six games and have dropped from sixth to 15th in offensive efficiency over the last three weeks. This season's on-off-court numbers don't like Jeff Teague, who's reportedly available with the trade deadline just 17 days away. The '16 free agent point guard crop is pretty weak after Mike Conley, so there should be a market for a 27-year-old who was an All-Star in 2015.

Mark Stein of drops the Hawks to No. 15

Jeff Teague's team is in the midst of a 1-5 funk caused in part by a sputtering offense. Teague himself is averaging just 12.5 PPG and 5.5 APG in his past 10 games. Yet you can rest assured trade interest in Atlanta's PG will be robust between now and the Feb. 18 trade deadline, because Teague's contract is too cap-friendly for anyone to pay too much attention to the Hawks' struggles.

Jeremy Woo of moves the Hawks to No. 11 this week.

The typically high-scoring Hawks have failed to crack 100 points in their past five losses. We’ve discussedKyle Korver’s extended cold spell, but strangely, it’s the rest of the team that’s seen the well run dry of late. Korver’s hitting at more familiar 40% clip over his last 10.

Matt Moore of keeps the Hawks at No. 10.

They lost their last two games, to the not-great Pacers and Heat, by a combined 37 points. Oh, and there are rumors of them looking to trade their starting point guard. A pretty stable team looks like it's wobbling a bit.

Kurt Helin of drops the Hawks to No. 11.

They have lost five of six because their offense has decided to take a mid-winter vacation. Jeff Teague’s name has come up a lot in trade talks and while his on/off numbers this season aren’t good (the Hawks are 10.9 points per 100 possessions better without him this season) plenty of other teams think that is a mirage and that he is still a near All-Star level point guard.

That does it for the rankings and the Hawks seem to have dropped across the board. Let's hope that they can get their act together.

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