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2016 NBA All Star Sneaker Mistakes

Who wore the worst sneakers at this year's All Star Games? I'll let you decide.

Al Horford guards Klay Thompson in the 2016 All Star Game
Al Horford guards Klay Thompson in the 2016 All Star Game
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The All Star Game was last weekend, so naturally we have to look at the major shoes put out by the major shoe brands.

Under Armour

Under Armour is obviously the golden child lately, being the current sponsor of every reigning MVP in major sports leagues.  Their only shoe put out was a white Curry Two for Stephen Curry.  But did they really have to rub their golden status in our face and accent these sneakers with gold?


Adidas put out multiple shoes for All Star Weekend, but didn't come out with an All Star collection.  This was a smart move by Adidas, because players prefer to wear different colorways for the games.  What was not a smart move by Adidas, coming out with Damian Lillard All Star Sneakers even though he got snubbed from this year's game.


Nike's major players in this year's All Star Game include Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, and Kevin Durant. They put out a Sport Royalty Collection featuring these players' shoes, and more than one thing is wrong with this collection.  First, this collection was not cohesive, unless you count the two different green colorways (Kobe and LeBron's shoes) as being cohesive.  Davis's shoes looked like a GSW PE, but at least they had lines representing his eyebrows on the heel.  Durant's shoes were all over the place.  The colorway looked like someone grabbed some old wrapping paper and randomly glued it onto the sneaker. The best pair of kicks in the collection were Paul George's HyperLive sneakers, which had some cool details, but from a distance look like indoor soccer shoes (wrong sport).

Perhaps I'm biased, but I think the Hawks players had some of the best Nike colorways for this year's All Star Game:

Al Horford:  Nike HyperRev 'BHM'

Paul Millsap: Nike HyperLive