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NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Life After the All-Star Break

Let's take a look at where the Hawks are ranked this week in the All-Star Break edition of the Power Rankings Roundup.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

So the All-Star break is over and the Hawks are actually in the talks for the deadline.  We have seen a ton of rumors recently so there is the chance that this is the last of the current day Hawks that we will see.  Anyway guys, lets get on with the rankings.

John Schumann of starts things off for us by putting he Hawks at #10.

The Hawks could do a lot worse than standing pat at the trade deadline. They don't have to make a decision on Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder for another year, Al Horford is still a huge part of what they do on both ends of the floor, and they're very much in the mix for the 3 seed in the East. Their five-game homestand coming out of the break includes bigs games against the Heat, Bulls and Hornets.

Matt Moore of keeps the Hawks at #8.

Not often you find a team fourth in their conference and seven games over .500 coming off a conference finals appearance that basically walked into the trade market, rolled out the rug, and put everything on clearance, but here we are. The price may be steep but Al Horford could be on the move this week, along with Jeff Teague.

Jeremy Woo of also puts the Hawks at #8.

Are they really blowing it up? We’ll have an answer soon, but even if they don’t deal, Al Horford exploring free agency looks likely at this point. It’s a tough spot.

That does it for this week in the rankings. As always, be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments.