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If the NBA Playoffs started today...

At the All-Star Break, the Atlanta Hawks are 31-24 and hold the 4th spot in the Eastern Conference Standings.

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With the NBA All Star festivities over in Toronto, all eyes are now on the push for the NBA Playoffs. The Atlanta Hawks have 27 games left in the regular season. The rumors surrounding the Hawks' trade or not situation will be the focus this week for most Hawks fans. With Wednesday's trade deadline two days away, the fate of the Hawks' playoff hopes depends on what happens.

As of right now the Hawks sit in fourth place in the Eastern Conference and first in the Southeast Division. Like always there could be trades that shake the entire NBA. More than likely the Hawks will not make a move that changes this team's track for the playoffs. As the season goes on there will be movers and shakers in the playoff push.

If the Season ended today...

It is never too early to do the what if scenarios in the NBA. For instance, if it was a 55-game season and the All-Star game was like the NFL Pro Bowl and the playoffs started today. Here's a look at the current NBA Playoff seedings that would match up in the 2016 playoffs:

Eastern Conference

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #8 Charlotte Hornets

#2 Toronto Raptors vs. #7 Chicago Bulls

#3 Boston Celtics vs. #6 Indiana Pacers

#4 Atlanta Hawks vs. #5 Miami Heat

If the Cavs and Raptors play the way they did the first half, it could be a Demarre Carroll vs. Lebron Eastern Conference finals rematch. The Charlotte Hornets cracked the top 8 for the first time this season and would be the first round opponent for the Cavaliers. The Celtics are the team to watch for in second half especially if they make a move at the deadline. The Hawks would win in seven against the Heat and would play Cleveland in the second round. The injury-stricken Bulls would make it interesting but eventually lose in six against the red hot Toronto Raptors. Toronto and Boston square off and go seven as the Toronto Raptors go to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time ever. Cleveland beats the Hawks in five to eventually go on to the NBA Finals.

Western Conference

#1 Golden State Warriors vs. #8 Utah Jazz

#2 San Antonio Spurs vs. #7 Portland Trail Blazers

#3 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. #6 Dallas Mavericks

#4 Los Angeles Clippers vs. #5 Memphis Grizzlies

In the West, it does not really matter who is the playoffs because it will be the Warriors and the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. With the Warriors going on to play the Cavs in the NBA Finals.

The next few weeks will get back to breaking down the real push for the playoffs, but it is always fun to speculate what will happen in June.