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NBA Standings: Hawks fall to second in Southeast Division

Following a three-game losing streak, The Hawks are now 27-22 and second place in the Southeast division.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Losing multiple games in a row is not good for any team and the Atlanta Hawks are not benefitting from a three-game losing skid. The Hawks lost three in a row following a win to close out their Western Conference road trip. After losing a close game last Monday night to a good Los Angeles Clippers team, they needed a couple wins over the Pacers and Heat to stay atop the standings. The Hawks could not get wins over either team dropping them from the top spot in the Southeast division. It was not a good week to lose when every game matters.

The Hawks have stayed atop the Southeast division for most of the first half of the season. The Miami Heat, who have surged this past week winning four in a row, took the top spot in division Sunday night. The Heat defeated the Hawks 105-87 in a game for first place. The Heat, who were in eighth place starting the week, are now in fourth place. The Hawks are now eight and a half games back and fifth in the Eastern Conference standings.

Team W L GB
1. Cleveland Cavaliers 34 12 0-0
2. Toronto Raptors 32 15 2.5
3. Chicago Bulls 26 20 8.0
4. Miami Heat 27 21 8.0
5. Atlanta Hawks 27 22 8.5
6. Boston Celtics 27 22 8.5
7. Indiana Pacers 25 22 9.5
8. Detroit Pistons 25 23 10.0
9. Charlotte Hornets 23 25 12.0
10. Washington Wizards 21 24 12.5

Now with six games to go until the All-Star break left for the Hawks, the goal is to stay in the top four or five in the East. The Caveliers are still atop of the East with a two and a half game lead over the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors have won 11 games in a row and are playing superb basketball going in the All-Star break in which they host. The Bulls and Heat are both eight games back of first place, third and fourth place respectively.

This week the Hawks look to bounce back with a home game against a good Dallas Mavericks team. After the Mavs game, the Hawks go on the road to take on the 76ers and hopefully get a win to boost the W-L column. The ESPN Friday game of the week is a way for the Hawks to get that game back from the Pacers. The Hawks usually play better in front of the home crowd and need to beat the Pacers.

The Hawks need a good week to stay in the running for the East Conference. Good news for Hawks fan, it can not get much worse than last week.