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Ten Things About the NBA: The Week Seven Edition

Phil finds ten things that happened in week seven of the NBA season and he wants you to know about it

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1). Monday night Golden State Warriors SG Klay Thompson lit up the Indiana Pacers for 60 points in just 29 minutes. Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr discusses why he didn’t allow Thompson to play more minutes.

2). LeBron James and a few of his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates have decided not to stay at the Trump SoHo Hotel so they were allowed to stay at a location nearby. James cites that it is nothing more than a “personal preference” and that it’s the first time that he’s ever done such a thing that even Head Coach Tyronn Lue says “isn’t normal”. The Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks aren’t staying in Trump properties either.

I think it’s interesting that in the case of the Grizzlies, Bucks and Mavericks their entire team will stay together somewhere else and these were the respective owners decision whereas with the Cavs these were individual decisions that were contrary to management wishes. I’ll let the reader come to their own conclusion as to who really runs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3). The Washington Wizards might very well be a lottery team this season but PG John Wall had a game for the ages when he went for 52 against the Orlando Magic on Tuesday night. He also had eight assists, three steals and four rebounds but the Wizards still lost the game 124-116. Catch all the highlights;

4). The Los Angeles Clippers are first in the NBA in defensive efficiency and fifth in the League in offensive efficiency. Last season the Clippers were sixth in defensive efficiency and seventh in offense. The reason for the defensive increase all has to do with Clippers 11.6 turnovers a game and their 56.7 percent True Shooting percentage. When a team isn’t turning the ball over and also knocking down their shots it makes it easier to play defense…..their meager 11.8 fast break points allowed a night is testament to their taking care of the ball and making their shots.

5). I don’t think it’s much of a secret around these parts what I think of Atlanta Hawks SG Tim Hardaway Jr the NBA player……..but this reverse dunk by him is worth taking a second or even a third look at

6). Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies recently lost his mother. Inevitably he missed some games to be with his family. This is how much Randolph means to Marc Gasol….and why I love the Grizzlies.

7). The Atlanta Hawks are playing poorly. Kris Willis and I try and figure out just what the hell happened to the Hawks on this week’s Peachtree Hoops Podcast.

8). Ten different Golden State Warriors recorded an assist on Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers. As a team the Warriors are averaging 32 assists a night and have a very good chance to break the single season team assists per game record of 31.40 currently held by the 1984-1985 Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers legend Magic Johnson surely took notice of the Warriors passing prowess!

9). When the Houston Rockets matched the Brooklyn Nets offer sheet we thought the contract saga of Houston Rockets big man Domatas Motiejunas would finally be over, right? Well it ain’t over until it’s over as Motiejunas is unhappy that he will be receiving six million dollars less than he would have with the Brooklyn Nets. Under the CBA the Rockets won’t be stuck with the additional six million dollars in contract incentives under the Nets offer sheet so Motiejunas is refusing to report to the Rockets.

Here’s a thought; instead of punishing himself and the Rockets maybe Motiejunas should find an agent who understands the CBA?

10). Sacramento Kings forward Matt Barnes and Center Boogie Cousins are being sued after an alleged fracas at a NYC nightclub. Barnes is alleged to have elbowed a female and Cousins is accused of punching a male friend of Barnes alleged victim…..and Barnes gets the Tweet of the Week via Instagram!