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Not Your Average Review: Klay Thompson’s shoes

Klay Thompson’s signature sneaker, the ANTA KT2

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson(11) shooting over Dwight Howard (8)
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week Klay Thompson scored 60 points vs. the Indiana Pacers. While most of Klay’s ability to shoot probably comes from hard work and practice, the rest of it most likely comes from his signature sneakers, the ANTA KT2.

What the hell is ANTA?

ANTA is a leading Chinese athletic brand that started in the 1990s. They are well known for their products in running, basketball, and cross-training. Aside from Klay, other NBA players that have worn ANTA include Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, and Luis Scola.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago Bulls
Rajon Rondo sporting some ANTA sneakers.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


"Klay Thompson is like a hawk, circling the floor, hunting down shots and striking with deadly accuracy in the blink of an eye" - ANTA

The ANTA KT2 is Klay Thompson’s second signature sneaker for ANTA. Just like Klay himself, the KT2’s spirit animal is a hawk and they are built to resemble one. The upper of the shoe has a pattern that looks like a hawks feather pattern, and the zig-zag design on the heel is made to look like a hawks outstretched wings. The KT2 is currently priced at $120, and there are four colorways available - one of which was just barely released after Klay’s 60 point game.

The shoe is pretty lightweight and is built to be shock absorbent. It has injection heel, which is ANTA’s technology that locks the foot into the shoe and provides extra stability and support. Not only has this shoe’s technology been considered, but all of the colorways have extreme detail and each tell their own story.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson (11) celebrating during his 60 point game on December 5, 2016.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not you love or hate the ANTA KT2, you’ve got to admit this ad is a little creepy.