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Locked on Hawks podcast: Pistons and Raptors recaps

Episode 87 is a bleak one.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Toronto Raptors Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, folks. It was a (very) rough weekend for the Atlanta Hawks and that is not up for debate. However, the Locked on Hawks podcast does not take days off on account of poor performance, and Episode 87 is here to tell you what transpired on Friday (in Atlanta) and Saturday (in Toronto) with the team. Topics include the following:

  • Friday’s game started pretty reasonably before the wheels fell off
  • Kent Bazemore keeps struggling
  • Dennis Schröder’s offense was a (minor) bright spot
  • Mike Scott doesn’t look like himself yet
  • What’s going on with the defense?
  • Previewing Monday’s game against the Thunder
  • Much, much more

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