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Ten Things About the NBA: The Week Nine Edition

Phil found ten things about the NBA this week that he wants you to know

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1). Golden State Warriors fans were pretty upset with the two missed calls at the end of their Christmas Day battle with the Cleveland Cavaliers they believe cost the Warriors the game. Rightly so I might add however that isn’t what beat the Warriors last Sunday.

If you commit 20 turnovers against an elite NBA team you are probably going to lose. If you get outshot 95-77 against an elite NBA team you are probably going to lose. When you let a 36 year old like Richard Jefferson do this

You are probably going to lose!

2). Eight times this season the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and Charlotte Hornets won games after being down by ten points.

3). Atlanta Hawks SF Taurean Prince hasn’t received that much playing time recently and has been sent to the D-League. I’m sure Timberwolves SG Zach LaVine hopes he stays there.

4). All that work for NOTHING

5). Would you work for a company that would publicly criticize you if you failed on the job? That’s exactly what the NBA is asking its Officials to do with this 2 Minute Report. I get the whole transparency thing but what’s the point in making this report public if nothing is ever done about the blown calls?

Kevin Durant sums up what I said two seasons ago

6). New York Knicks SF Carmelo Anthony tied Washington Wizards PG John Wall for most ejections this season with this bush league move Wednesday night against Atlanta Hawks SF Thabo Sefalosha

7). George Karl is having a ball on his book tour. This past week he’s claimed that the Portland Trail Blazers are struggling because Damian Lillard is getting too much attention. I don’t know what having a sneaker deal and some lame raps have to do with the awful defense backcourt mate C.J McCollum and Lillard play but whatever.

8). “The Process” with the triple…..

9). While Houston Rockets SG James Harden and Oklahoma City Thunder PG are putting on offensive shows this season they are also in the race for most turnovers committed per game; Harden currently leads the NBA with 5.8 turnovers per game with Westbrook at number two with 5.5 turnovers a game.

10). On January 28, 2000 the Atlanta Hawks beat the visiting New York Knicks shooting just 35.5 percent from the floor. Flash forward 17 seasons to December 28, 2016; the Hawks again beat the visiting Knicks shooting only 36.3 percent from the floor. These were the lowest shooting percentages in Hawks wins at home in the last 17 years.