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Ten Things About the NBA: The Week Six Edition

Phil finds ten things that happened in the NBA this week; and he wants you to know about them

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

1). Cleveland Cavaliers SG Iman Shumpert seems to be saying something here……

But I don’t think teammate J.R. Smith got the memo.

2). Glenn “Doc” Rivers gets tossed from a game and he ain’t too happy about it either

3). When Dwight Howard isn’t getting kicked out of games or fighting with fans he still provides the maximum entertainment value

4). Everything about the Atlanta Hawks 2017 season is masterfully broken down in 140 characters or less by our own Kris Willis

5). Whatever Willis didn’t say in 140 characters or less about the current state of the Hawks we said here.

6). Congratulations to former Atlanta Hawks All-Star Al Horford and his wife Amelia Vega on the birth if their second child. Horford decided to skip his game against the Miami Heat to witness his daughter coming into this world and Boston Sports Radio and TV Personality Mike Felger didn’t think Horford should have missed the game.


7). Tweet of the Week has to go out to Memphis Flyer reporter Kevin Lipe in response to the overwhelming trade suggestions following the injury to Memphis Grizzlies PG Mike Conley.

8). Portland Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard is incredible……and here’s one reason why.

9). As a New York Knicks fan I sometines gets disgusted with all the Carmelo Anthony ISO ball the Knicks use. Especially late in ballgames but then Anthony does this and I don’t mind so much!

10). Remember Baylor basketball player Isiah Austin? Right before the 2014 draft, he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and was told to stop playing basketball. Experts saw Austin as a late first round or early second round pick so the NBA did him a solid and made him an honorary first round pick…….Great news! Austin has been medically cleared to play again so hopefully one day soon we will be seeing him in an NBA arena.