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Zach Lowe praises Thabo Sefolosha’s early success

More than just Hawks fans are enjoying Mr. Sefolosha’s start to the season.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Philadelphia 76ers
Thabo Sefolosha looks to continue his excellent play of 2016.
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s edition of Zach Lowe’s ‘‘Ten things I like and don’t like,’’ Thabo Sefolosha makes an appearance as the first entry titled ‘‘Thabo Sefolosha, showing out.’’

Lowe praises Sefolosha’s early season play writing:

The Hawks are plus-62 in the 84 minutes Sefolosha has played so far. That is unfathomable -- without fathom! He is shooting 61 percent from the floor, and swiping 3 steals per game in just 21 minutes -- one yoink for every seven minutes of floor time. He looks healthy, and unburdened, and it is awesome.

As we wrote yesterday, Thabo is leading the entire NBA in plus/minus and thriving in fast break situations. Lowe’s numbers further our assessment, showing how impressive Sefolosha has been through four games.

Lowe continues:

Sefolosha will plateau, and the Hawks' bench has to prove it can sustain against better competition. (Mike Budenholzer will help, as usual, by keeping at least one key starter on the floor at all times to serve as a fulcrum on offense.) But we should rejoice in Sefolosha's play.

Sefolosha’s stellar start is unlikely to be this consistently amazing, but Zach Lowe is absolutely right that Sefolosha’s play should be recognized and praised.