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20th Anniversary of Space Jam

Everything Millennial Baller’s want to know about this special anniversary.

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Michael Jordan pictured in the 1996 film, Space Jam.

Space Jam hit theaters 20 years ago on November 15, 1996, and is basically every millennial baller’s favorite movie. The movie begins with Michael Jordan being terrible at baseball. Then aliens capture the Looney Tunes as slaves for their amusement park. The Looney Tunes’ only way out is by winning a game of basketball, so they recruit Micheal Jordan, and you can guess the rest.

The idea for Space Jam originally came from advertisements put out by Nike. These ads starred Michael Jordan and various Looney Tunes Characters.

If you really like Space Jam, or if you want everyone to think you really like it, jerseys are available online. Jordan brand is selling Michael Jordan jerseys in both black and white. Various sellers on Amazon have jerseys available and give the option of different characters. Etsy also has some pretty unique Space Jam items for sale.

Aside from jerseys, Jordan brand is honoring the 20th anniversary with their holiday collection. This collection features apparel and shoes that were inspired by the 1996 film. The specific shoe that Michael wore to defeat the Monstars is the Air Jordan 11, and Jordan brand is expected to release these on December 10.

A sequel to Space Jam is supposed to be in the works with LeBron James as the star. However, I don’t think the LeBron version can top Space Jam 3.