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NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Hawks sliding once again

New Year and new ranking.

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Well I hope everyone had a happy new year outside of the Hawks dropping a game to the Knicks. At least we saw that awesome comeback before the year ended right? Well let's keep it on a good note and move onto the rankings.

Starting things off for us this week is John Schuhmann of He drops the Hawks to No. 10 this week.

Fresh off a scene-stealing role in "Trainwreck," LeBron James is currently filming "Thunderstruck 2" with Kyle Korver. As James was finally making some jumpers last week, Korver missed 20 straight 3-point attempts before hitting two of his last four in New York on Sunday. A big comeback in Houston on Tuesday has kept the Hawks from losing three straight, but Korver isn't the only reason the offense has struggled.

Next, Marc Stein of drops the Hawks to No. 9 this week.

If you see win shares as a useful metric -- or if you're simply an #EvenTheHawks devotee eager to trumpet the solid play coming from Paul Millsap this season like our pal our pal Bob Rathbun -- consider that Millsap was tied for third in the East (4.8) as of Monday morning, behind only Toronto's Kyle Lowry (5.0) and Cleveland's LeBron James (4.9). drops the Hawks to No. 7 and wonders what is wrong with Kyle Korver.

It's odd that Kyle Korver is struggline from 3-point range.

Kurt Helin of also questions Korver as he drops to No. 8.

Kyle Korver missed 20 consecutive threes before breaking out of his slump this week — that may be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse. That or his elbow is bothering him more than he lets on. Interesting matchup with Chicago Saturday.

Finally Matt Moore of drops the inconsistent Hawks to No. 9.

The Hawks handled their success in typical Hawks fashion, losing two of their last three with a desperate comeback win over woeful Houston in the middle. Their rotation has been in flux and Kyle Korver hasn't found a groove. There's a higher gear for them to find, but of course, they never found that gear in the playoffs last year so hard to count on them.

That does it for the rankings this week and as we see the Hawks dropped across the board.  Hopefully Atlanta can pick it up as they figure out their substitution patterns. Anyway leave your comments of the rankings below.