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Pero Antic speaks out on NYPD incident

Former Atlanta Hawks center Pero Antic speaks with the AJC on his arrest and treatment by the NYPD from last April.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Pero Antic had all of the charges against him from last April dismissed earlier this month and finally spoke about the incident in an email interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the interview, Antic says that "no one should have the right to arrest you for nothing" and that "no one has the right to put your career in danger."

Antic and teammate Thabo Sefolosha were involved in an incident at a New York nightclub on April 8. Sefolosha suffered season-ending injuries and later said those injuries were caused by officers from the New York Police Department.

When asked whether he felt vindicated or not after having his charges dismissed, Antic replied:

"I feel and I don’t feel at the same time. I’m happy that justice was done and people can finally see that what happened that night wasn’t our fault. I’ll just try to forget that and concentrate on the future and better things in life."

He had stern words when asked about how he was treated by police:

"Not good to be honest. I know that they have the power and everything but at the end of the day we are all humans and we all have rights. Nobody has the right to hit you or even put your career in danger. But not all policeman are like that. I truly believe in that. But those few individuals are making the big difference of what and how people think about the police."

Antic went on to say that he felt mistreated, but that he whole situation didn't play a part in his decision to return to Europe for this season. He said that he was happy that the incident was behind him and that he hoped that it would soon be over for Sefolosha as well. Be sure to give the full interview a read as Antic also talks about his time in Atlanta along with a comment from Mike Budenholzer saying that the Hawks wanted him to stay.