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Too Soon: Memories of the Jason Richardson Era in Atlanta

Regrets. We've had a few.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, how was the Jason Richardson era for you?

As my partner in Peachtree Hoops crime, Kris Willis, said, it was less satisfying than the Rasheed Wallace era. Well, certainly, after all Rasheed played at least one game with the Hawks, and it was actually memorable.

Richardson's reign in Atlanta was as present as the Gary Payton and Terrell Brandon eras, which is to say, we never knew them. Some day, someone will look back on the player page of Richardson and see the end, which is to say, Atlanta.

Richardson was brought in on August 18th and he's gone by September 23rd. Let's look back and see what exactly happened during the Jason Richardson era in Atlanta.

August 19th: Birds sing, kids play and the world is a better place with Richardson in Atlanta.

August 23rd: Phil Naessens wonders aloud how he can poke and cajole the Atlanta Hawks fanbase to react to yet another easy bait piece on The Peachtree Hoops Podcast.

August 28th: The Hawks clean house in the training department and announce a Performance Athletic team.

August 29th: Jason Richardson wonders how he'll fit in on a Performance Athletic team.

August 31st: Tiago Splitter makes SI's Top 100 players in the NBA, but somehow nobody in Atlanta considers this a key move and the rest of the NBA seems to have missed that Splitter has changed his address. A Spurs article citing key losses, lists Aron Baynes, Cory Joseph and Marco Belinelli, does not mention Splitter.

September 1st: Hawks announce they will retire Dikembe Mutombo's jersey.

September 2nd: SI puts Horford in their Top 25, Hawks fans gasp collectively at the fantastically accurate assessment of Horford's worth in the article and wonder if the world is coming to an end.

September 5th: Richardson wonders if, one day, the Hawks will retire his number.

September 8th: Grantland lauds the Hawks' new logo and universally everyone thinks it's awesome.

September 8th (later): Green Volt, on the positive momentum of the new logo, moves up to 1,543rd in Crayola's Popular Color chart.

September 9th: Dennis Schröder is critical of coaching strategy after a close loss; provides insight as to possible doghouse issues his rookie year with Budenholzer.

September 10th: Schröder apologizes, has fingers crossed behind his back.

September 12-13: Two great Hawks centers are in the news: Mutombo goes into the HOF, Moses Malone passes away -- Hawks fans were lucky to see both in the ATL.

September 17th: Jeff Teague is #43 on SLAM's Top 50 list, is heard screaming "The ish works!"

September 20th: Naessens achieves nirvana, stokes Hawks listeners with a Carmelo Anthony item.

September 23rd: Jason Richardson, perhaps second guessing participating in a training camp, ends his Hawks career with zero points, zero rebounds and zero assists, but 36 days of glorious memories.

Thanks, Jason -- and farewell.

EXIT QUESTION: What was YOUR favorite moment of the Jason Richardson era? Let us know in the Comments Area!