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Dennis Schröder apologizes for comments after Germany loss

Dennis Schröder apologized for comments he made about coach Chris Fleming following Germany's loss to Italy on Wednesday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Frustration is mounting for Germany who have lost three straight games including Wednesday's overtime loss to Italy. Following the game, Dennis Schröder questioned head coach Chris Fleming's decision to foul while leading by three late in the fourth quarter. Schröder called the decision "not smart" and later apologized publicly via his instagram account.

Germany fouled while leading by three and Italy converted both free throws. Schröder was then fouled and made 1 of 2 before Italy tied the game in the final seconds and eventually won the game in overtime.

While fouling up three is a bit of a controversial topic in college and the NBA, its more of a common practice in Europe. At any rate, its not smart for Schröder to question his coach especially publicly after a game. Its another learning experience for what is still a very young player.

Germany wraps up first round play at EuroBasket on Thursday against Spain.