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Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, Jeff Teague in Top 50 of's Top 100 NBA Players for 2016

Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague show up in the Top 50 of's Top 100 NBA Players countdown for 2016.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated's countdown of the Top 100 NBA Players for 2016 continues on Tuesday with the release of No. 50-31. If you missed the start of the countdown, new Hawks center Tiago Splitter came in at No. 74. The remainder of the list will be released later this week and the Atlanta Hawks are heavily represented inside of the Top 50.

No. 46 Kyle Korver

The game of basketball warps around Korver. Wherever he goes, multiple defenders follow: His own man trailing closely, several others inching toward him out of instinct, and more tracking Korver's movement with their eyes. So precise is his jumper that opposing coaches scheme around the very possibility of its use. This is impact. This is gravity. This is the perpetual value a player like Korver holds without ever touching the ball, making his every second on the court worthwhile.

No. 41 Jeff Teague

Experience has made Teague a more patient player, which is to say that it made him a better one. The young guard who moved faster than his brain could follow is gone. In his stead is a smooth practitioner of the pick-and-roll who waits for his screen to be properly set and pauses briefly before exploding into action. That recalibration steadied the Hawks and brought Teague to All-Stardom last year, as well as a career-best campaign at the helm of a successful offense and top defense.

No. 32 Paul Millsap

Compared to his fellow All-Stars, Hawks forward Paul Millsap isn't the biggest, the fastest or the strongest, and his no-nonsense style doesn't inspire adulation worthy of the leading scorer on a 60-win team. Nevertheless, Millsap excels at making basketball look easy in so many different ways. The former second-round pick fits like a glove in Mike Budenholzer's pass-heavy, spread-oriented offense, and his inside/outside versatility is the key that unlocks Atlanta's pick-your-poison offense.