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TMZ releases video of Mike Scott admitting ownership of drugs after arrest

A video of Mike Scott's post-arrest interrogation has surfaced, and he admits to ownership of the drugs in question.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

In late July, Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott was arrested on felony drug charges in Banks County. Following that arrest, it was reported that Scott, who was arrested alongside his young brother Antonn, admitted that the drugs were, in fact, his.

Now, TMZ has unearthed a video of Scott's post-arrest interrogation, and that corroborates the previous report.

As you can see, Scott is open and honest with detectives, noting the reason that his brother did not immediately pull the car over and explaining that he took full responsibility for the drugs being in the vehicle. It is a bit unusual that Scott would be so calm during this type of activity, but perhaps being direct and approaching the situation head-on is the best course of action.

The original comment from the Hawks doubled as a "no comment" toward the situation, but it will be interesting to monitor the legal process, especially given what is essentially a confession from Mike Scott. Stay tuned.