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NBA 2K16 trailer teases possible first-look at Hawks new floor

Could this be our first peek at the new floor at Philips Arena?

An NBA 2K16 trailer was released on Monday, and featured plenty of clips of gameplay, which included a Kyle Korver 3-pointer, but the clip of Korver's three was more than just a clip showing gameplay for Hawks fans.

In this shot, we see a redesigned Hawks floor, with a black outline as opposed to the navy blue from last season's court. It also features the new Hawks typeface, along with the teams new colors, and the triangular feather pattern on the baseline.

Could this be the new Hawks' floor? Perhaps. The Twitter account didn't deny such things:

One would think that the most popular NBA video game out there wouldn't throw a fake floor out. It wouldn't be farfetched to say that we have perhaps gotten out first glimpse of the new floor at Philips Arena, and it looks like many of the stylistic aspects from the last one were maintained.