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Jamal Crawford would look great back in Atlanta

A man may dream.

Together again...gee, it's great to be...together again!
Together again...gee, it's great to be...together again!
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Disclosure: I love Jamal Crawford. When in Atlanta the first time, he was great to talk to, never pushed aside his own shortcomings and was a mentor to Jeff Teague when Mike Bibby wouldn't do the job the first time around.

He follows me on Twitter and I follow him. I unabashedly endorse him as THE guy I want to shoot a buzzer beater from 25 feet or further from the hoop. Nobody else. He's my guy.

Maybe you remember this little jewel of a play.

Also, he made about 1,000 four-point plays while here in Atlanta. You know, fun plays like these:

Good times, right? So imagine the jump in my giddy-up  when I saw this bit of news this morning?

Jamal Crawford available? Where do I sign up? Who needs to go? Is there a KickStarter for this? How much? Can I get a jersey with a humorous name on the back for my efforts?

Now I know you are going to bore me with detailed arguments with words like "defense" and "system". You know what the best system is in the NBA? Buckets! Jamal knows that system well.

Still not convinced? Ok, well, how about this?

And that's just with the Clippers. Go back in time on YouTube and watch the destruction of humanity as Jamal crossed them over.

So, hey, cap space, no space, myspace, I don't care. If there's a chance of Jamal Crawford knocking down threes in the corner, or fours, as I recall, and I can watch the man knock down a few more buzzer beaters and create some massive offense off the bench, then get that man in here, man!

He's one of my all-time favorites, and his awesomeness outshines all the pesky inconveniences of the rest of the discussion.

So there.