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Atlanta Hawks part ways with Wally Blase, Pete Radulovic, per report

The Atlanta Hawks have decided not to renew the contracts of long time trainer Wally Blase and assistant trainer Pete Radulovic.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Change is in the air once again for the Atlanta Hawks who have elected to part ways with long time trainer Wall Blase, assistant trainer Pete Radulovic and team security officer Andre Cottle according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

No reason was given for the dismissal and there is no timetable in place for their replacement according to the report. The Hawks begin Summer League play on Friday in Las Vegas and will likely do so without a replacement training staff in place.

Blase had spent the last 15 seasons with the Hawks as head trainer. Over that span, he has served under five different head coaches in Atlanta. Radulovic also served as director of player performance and had been with the Hawks for the last 18 years.

Its a bit hard to see where this change is coming from. It could simply be a byproduct of restructuring by the new ownership or it could be a basketball related move where they are looking for a bit of a change of philosophy. Will be interesting to see where the team goes from here in regards to its training staff.